Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to Acquire the Best Project Team

A project is only as good as the team surrounding it. An endeavor that is being taken on by an individual that requires planning, tracking and continued analysis is a project. Good examples would be building a structure (office, church, or home), writing a book, or opening a new business. Whatever your project may be there are certain requirements for putting an efficient team into place. By taking the time to properly analyze what your project is set to accomplish and making sure the proper resources are involved can make completing the project that much easier.

~ Availability

Will the potential members have the time available in their schedules to complete project tasks?

~ Ability

How proficient are your potential teams members? Will their level of proficiency be able to handle your projects schedule?

~ Experience

How experienced is the team member? Have they done this type of work in the past? Have they worked in this type of team environment? If so, have they done it well?

~ Interest Level

Are they interested in working on this project?

~ Costs

How much will this individual team member cost the project?

Also, the project manager should set apart who are project stakeholders from the selected project team members. A stakeholder is someone who has interest in the project either financially or as the "product" owner. This could be an individual whom the project is being delivered to, groups, communities, or a vendor. For certain projects, the entire project team could be stakeholders. In this case all team members have a vested interest in the outcome and are apart of the creative process in seeing the project through to closure.

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