Thursday, May 28, 2009

Customer Relationship Management

As a small business owner and entrepreneur it is very important to constantly nurture and manage your relationships with your customers and potential clients. In the past, I have fallen short in this aspect of my business and have not maintained proper follow up in order to retain future business and referrals. It has been said for every month that goes by that you do not keep in touch with a client or prospect you lose 10% of your influence within the relationship.

Contact or client list management

Do you keep a list of contacts in your smartphone, or on your computer, or on paper?

The problem with this can be that smartphones crash and when they do it is very sad depending on how frequently you actually back up your phone. The same goes with Outlook or iCal.

If for some unfortunate reason you have to format your hard drive you will lose all the contacts you have saved. And, lets face it paper contact management systems can either get lost or damaged.


With technology and the Internet being relied upon so much in the information age, customer contact and follow-up are lost and the ball just gets dropped. Business owners and entrepreneurs are losing that personal touch with their clients by not following up at all or by using methods that are not truly effective.


The tool that I use works amazingly well and many of your competitors may not be using it or have not truly mastered it. My Customer Relationship Management System can upload your contacts from sources you may currently use, store all your contact list information on its servers, and reminds you to follow up with each customer. It reaches out to each customer in ways of appreciation by way of greeting cards that you never have to touch or see.

You can also add gifts, gift cards, or books to be sent along with your postcard or greeting card. You can customize each card with pictures or logos loaded from your computer and send to 1-100+ people with a few clicks of your mouse within minutes, saving you valuable time throughout your day. By using this tool you can add valuable minutes back into your day to truly focus on building your business.

For more information regarding my Customer Relationship Management System contact me via skype ~ jazzyshorty.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stop Hesitating and Move Forward!!!

What are you waiting for?

Nothing good ever comes out of hesitating. When first choosing to become an entrepreneur or business owner there may be a lot of information to absorb and things to learn to get started. Taking the things you learn and immediately applying them may relieve the feeling of information overload and aid in not becoming stuck.

Here are some additional tips to get you moving forward.

* Step out with conviction! Begin moving forward by being the example your team can follow.
* Speak from a place of knowing! Confidence in yourself and your product or service are excellent traits of a leader.
* Create a simple plan that you can follow every single day! Test and track your progress, and tweak anywhere you see improvements can be made.
* Teach your system of success to your team and coach those you see taking action.

This type of positioning can do nothing but propel you in a positive direction. So, stop hesitating and get moving :-) !!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Branding your Brand

What are you doing to make sure your brand has a presence?

If you could buy a 15 second spot on TV or if you were even "given" a 15 second spot...what would your T.V. Branding commercial be?

What do you say when asked what do you do? Not what your company does but what you do? Your answer could be what it is that you do! You don't just distribute a product or service. Come up with a good 5 to 15 second commercial or personal resume.

After meeting someone at a networking event or chamber meeting or through a friend, here are some ways to continue to build that relationship:

1. Follow up with a nice no pressure phone call.
2. Provide something of value, a gift, gesture, or a card to continue to build the relationship.
3. Send a note "Thanking them for their time" or saying how "Nice it was to meet" them and asking if "Someone they know might benefit from the services you have to offer."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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