Sunday, May 24, 2009

Branding your Brand

What are you doing to make sure your brand has a presence?

If you could buy a 15 second spot on TV or if you were even "given" a 15 second spot...what would your T.V. Branding commercial be?

What do you say when asked what do you do? Not what your company does but what you do? Your answer could be what it is that you do! You don't just distribute a product or service. Come up with a good 5 to 15 second commercial or personal resume.

After meeting someone at a networking event or chamber meeting or through a friend, here are some ways to continue to build that relationship:

1. Follow up with a nice no pressure phone call.
2. Provide something of value, a gift, gesture, or a card to continue to build the relationship.
3. Send a note "Thanking them for their time" or saying how "Nice it was to meet" them and asking if "Someone they know might benefit from the services you have to offer."

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